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Each thumbnail below links to the Video tab for that species on my website. The species page also includes a Species Details tab with miscellaneous notes and a North American distrubution map (Richman, Cutler, and Hill 2012). The thumbnails indicating salticids occurring in Massachusetts link to pages with additional content including general notes, county maps, first county records, and references. Masssachusetts species pages also include an Identification tab. Species Data and Location & Key for each of the spiders shown in the videos as well as Acknowledgments and References are on the Jumping Spider Information & Data page. All videos carry a Creative Commons licence and may be downloaded and used under the stated terms. The videos themselves reside on Vimeo servers and the easiest way to download these is to go here Jumping Spiders of North America where you will have the option of choosing various sizes: Mobile SD (480x270), SD (640x360), or HD (1280x720).

I am indebted to many naturalists and arachnologists for their help with this project. I would especially like to thank John Huehnergard, Tom Murray, and Terry Fuller for sharing the hunt and to Jay Barnes, GB Edwards, Marshal Hedin, Ryan Kaldari, and Wayne Maddison for their expertise. A complete list of acknowledgments is on my website. Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to David Hill and The Peckham Society for hosting this page.